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11th-Feb-2005 04:13 pm - Mystery of mysteries...
Background: I'm in charge of organizing the graduate student symposium taking place a week from today. Two students (Ian and Muk) have a class all day on Fridays (scheduled 9 to 5, but frequently lets out around 4), but have arranged to miss the beginning of it in order to present.

The two of them just walked up to me together, and asked "What time is the symposium starting next week?"
Me: "9:30. It was going to be 9, but Stephanie [the department head] said she needed the room till 9:30 for recruitment."
They looked at each other for a minute, and looked back at me. "Has the schedule been written up yet?"
Me: "Yeah. It's not set in stone, though. Why?"
Ian to Muk: "Let's go talk to Stephanie..." They walk away, and I hear Muk say "Yeah, just tell her. Once in a lifetime opportunity to talk to..." At which point they got too far for me to hear what they were saying.

Leaving me like... Um, huh? Who?
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8th-May-2001 10:33 am - this is so not good
1 exam down and 3 to go, and i'm already burnt out. This cannot possibly be good. At least i can go home in about 24 hours, and relax for a few days there, before i have to come back and study my butt off for 2 more exams on monday. Not to mention i'm not ready for the one i have tomorrow...
i seriously need to relax.... but that's hard to do when everyone around you is as stressed as you are...
i am going to NEEEEED this visit home...
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7th-May-2001 01:41 am(no subject)
so it's sunday night (or monday morning) and everyone has exams in the morning (except me), so everyone's asleep or studying, and i'm bored. and i slept till 4:30 this afternoon so i won't be getting tired soon. i might fall asleep out of boredom, though...
ah, well...
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6th-May-2001 12:22 am(no subject)
man, i was in such a good mood earlier, then for some reason i just crashed. which is bad, cause i really need to finish cleaning up, at least the stuff on caitlin's bed, but i'm just completely unmotivated.
what i *really* want is to have a boyfriend to just sit and hold me, but there's just one of the disadvantages of being single...
oh, well.
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27th-Apr-2001 11:25 pm - I'm surrounded by wierdos...
Ok, I'm not even going to begin talking about the conversations that have been going on, suffice it to say they were, um, unusual.
But then i got into a stress chicken war with my roommate's boyfriend. when he started losing that, he brought in the bean bag chair from the next room and began attacking me with that, but just when i was going to get the upper hand in that one (unarmed!!) he gave up and took the bean bag chair back to its home. Then the stress chicken war resumed and then turned into a pillow fight. Just when i thought i was safe, i got attacked by a stress chicken again, and then a bean bag chicken... or turkey.. i'm not sure. some poultry...
things are a little crazy here....
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27th-Apr-2001 06:04 pm - THANK GOD IT'S FRIDAY!!!!
This past week has just been hellish. But now it's dead week and I can kick back and RELAX before I have to worry about exams. I'm not doing crap today, and I'm going home tomorrow. Fun fun. :)
Mostly I'm just glad it's friday.
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27th-Apr-2001 01:49 am(no subject)
good grief!! i haven't even put anything in here and mousie's seen it and posted something about it. but she always did tend to get all excited when i would decide she was right on something... still don't have a clue what i'll put in here, but oh, well.
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